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{{getMap().locations.length == 1 ? '1 location' : '%%LOCATIONS%% locations'.replace('%%LOCATIONS%%', getMap().locations.length)}}
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{{getMap().title != '' ? getMap().title : 'Your Map'}}

{{getMap().locations.length == 1 ? '1 location' : '%%LOCATIONS%% locations'.replace('%%LOCATIONS%%', getMap().locations.length)}}
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{{'%%CHRS%%/5000 Characters left'.replace('%%CHRS%%', getMap().text.length)}}
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{{'In %%LOCATION_NAME%%'.replace('%%LOCATION_NAME%%', getLocation().parents)}}
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Find locations in any text on the web and instantly visualize them on an interactive map

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{{getMap().locations.length == 1 ? '1 location' : '%%LOCATIONS%% locations'.replace('%%LOCATIONS%%', getMap().locations.length)}}
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Gather and compare content, identify patterns and trends, update and edit easily.
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We combined our love for code and design with our passion for reading and travelling

Dana Raijman

CEO / CTO / Co-Founder

Dario Raijman

CPO / Co-Founderr

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