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4 min read

The Top Destinations in 2024 According to National Geographic's Cool List

As the year draws to a close, National Geographic unveils its highly anticipated list of destinations to add to your travel plans for the upcoming year.
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4 min read

5 Ways to Increase Your Travel Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing requires a delicate balance of strategic integration and trust-building. Here are five nuanced strategies to seamlessly weave affiliate marketing into your content, boosting engagement and ultimately increasing your affiliate sales
5 min read

7 Useful Tips to Book Quality Accommodations at Affordable Prices

After booking more than 200 times with, we curated 7 simple tips to find beautiful accommodations at a great price
2 min read

Travel Agents: Stop wasting time manually creating maps!

Improve your productivity and save time with Textomap.
3 min read

Transform your blog posts into interactive maps in seconds

Adding maps to your articles is a fantastic way to provide better context to readers and keep them coming for more content.
2 min read

Create Geographical Maps With ChatGPT and Textomap

Learn how to generate and utilise maps for any purpose, in seconds.
2 min read

Meet your AI Geographer, Historian, and Travel Advisor

Maps are crucial for understanding data and getting better context, and with the rise of AI technology it only makes sense for maps to take part in the revolution.
4 min read

A step-by-step guide to creating custom maps with Google.

Google maps is the most popular mapping tool out there. It has a vast database and it’s free to use. We’ll show you how to create custom maps for any purpose, and how you can do it even...
2 min read

We didn’t choose the niche, the niche chose us

We know Textomap is useful for many cases, but we were surprised at the level of...
3 min read

Doing for Maps what Grammarly did for writing.

The success of Grammarly and other extensions in Chrome lie within its simplicity...
6 min read

We asked the AI community on Reddit what AI tools they use for their work and personal life.

Artificial intelligence has made a giant leap to take center stage in 2022. Amazing tools like...