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We asked the AI community on Reddit what AI tools they use for their work and personal life.

We asked the AI community on Reddit what AI tools they use for their work and personal life.

Artificial intelligence has made a giant leap to take center stage in 2022. Amazing tools like DALL·E transformed AI from scary and complicated to approachable, fun, and viral. But AI is so much more than a cool image generator.
To get a deeper understanding of the possibilities AI gives us, we asked our friends in the AI community on Reddit what tools day use in their day-to-day lives for both categories (Work/life), here’s what they said:

AI tools for personal use app: Work better by blending music into the background so you can focus distraction-free uses AI to generate music to help you focus, relax, meditate and sleep. They’ve done extensive scientific research to reach musical patterns they’ve patented. You can try it for free but after a few sessions, you need to upgrade.
Bitesnap: Track Your Diet
Bitesnap App: Track what you eat
Bitesnap is an easy way to track what you eat. You can count calories and nutrients just by taking a picture and with the help of AI, identify the ingredients in each meal. This helps you to stick to your diet and stay healthy. Life Planner app: Recommendations on what to do based on your personal taste
Eezy is a personal life planner, they use AI in order to give you the best recommendations for events in the city or things to do at home. Eezy gives you recommendations on things to do depending on your mood and personality.
Youper: Helps with emotional stress
Youper is where AI gets a bit serious in the sense that one of its goals is to fight depression. The app tries to identify and track your feelings via a chatbot and an emotional health assessment. It suggests a few activities to help you improve your feelings during the day.

AI tools for work productivity

Grammarly: Writing assistant
Grammarly’s Chrome extension allows you to write anywhere
Grammarly is a great tool for writing. It corrects spelling and grammar mistakes while providing recommendations depending on the tone of voice you would like your content to have. They provide an extension to browsers so you can write anywhere online and have the confidence that your writing will be clean and without errors. : Audio editing
Lalal: AI for Audio is a great tool for splitting voice and instrumentals from music tracks. Their goal is to support musicians, sound producers, music engineers, and basically all professionals that work with audio and video with a tool developed to “train” data to extract instrumentals and voice tracks from songs.
GitHub Co-Pilot: AI pair programmer
GitHub Co-Pilot: Don't write the same code a million times over
With the Co-Pilot, programmers can spend less time creating repetitive code patterns and focus more on writing great code. Devs can simply write a comment with the logic and the Co-Pilot will suggest a code to solve it. The tool integrates with the main platform used by developers.
Genei: Summarisation & research tool
Genei: Summarize those long academic articles
Genei is a tool that uses AI to enable users to generate summaries from documents and web pages while extracting key information from articles. It helps to find keywords, references, and links. Users can easily copy all their findings to notes. — Write original creative content
Jasper: Will create great copy for your marketing needs
Japer will help you generate copy for social media, websites, or any other marketing channel you want. They claim to have consulted with the best SEO and marketing experts to create a tool that knows how to write great content. Generate interactive maps from text in secondss No more spending countless hours creating maps
Maps are an important tool for many sectors like education, news media, and of course travel & tourism. With the help of AI, users simply type or paste their content and can easily generate a map from showing all the locations alongside the source text. They can share maps, embed them on their blogs and websites, and even export them to a Google Map for navigation.


Trends come and go, and sometimes tech that's promised to be the next revolution doesn't get adopted by the masses (Uhm…Google Glass) but AI seems like it’s here to stay. It is not just a gimmick and it will help us all be more productive and focused.
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