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Travel Agents: Stop wasting time manually creating maps!

Travel Agents: Stop wasting time manually creating maps!

Improve your productivity and save time with Textomap

automate your map creation process and save hundreds of hours of work by leveraging the power of AI and automation, Textomap enables you to focus on what you do best — curating exceptional travel experiences for your clients.

As a Travel agent, you understand the importance of providing detailed information about destinations, hotels and attractions to ensure your clients have all the information they need to book their trip with you. However, the process of creating and updating itineraries can be time-consuming. That’s where Textomap comes in to improve your workflow by automating the map creation process, and saving valuable hours of work.
Generate maps from your the text of your itineraries and content in seconds
Creating itineraries involves a vast amount of information, Additionally, details such as images, videos, and geographical locations need to be incorporated to enhance the overall experience. With Textomap, the process becomes effortless. By simply inputting your itinerary, Textomap’s algorithm scans for locations and generates an interactive map.

You can customise the maps to showcase additional information, such as detailed descriptions, photos, and links. This customisation allows you to highlight popular tourist spots, recommended hotels, or specific attractions.
Assign locations to any text and customise the pins as you wish
Once you’ve generated your map, it’s easy to embed it on your website alongside the itinerary. Watch how easy it is in this short video:
Easily embed a map to your website or blog
Textomap enables you also to easily create and edit maps with your phone. Changes you make will automatically update on the webpages where the map is embedded, you don’t have to open your computer or access your CMS. It really doesn’t get any easier.
Create and edit maps on your phone
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