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7 Useful Tips to Book Quality Accommodations at Affordable Prices
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7 Useful Tips to Book Quality Accommodations at Affordable Prices

After booking more than 200 times with, we curated 7 simple tips to find beautiful accommodations at a great price

Tip #1: Stay above 8.8

You might think to yourself that anything above 8 should be fine, but are a bit forgiving with their ratings so anything below an 8.8 rating is a slippery slope.

For example the “Rio Plaza Hotel in Berlin” received very high reviews and also very low, it lacks consistency and is expensive. To ensure a perfect stay stay above 8.8.
☝️ That said, if you think the place has potential dig into the reviews to see what the guests had to say.

Tip #2: Must have 150+ reviews

Always look for accommodations with at least 150 reviews.
This means there were enough people that stayed there and the review will really reflect the quality of the place.

YAYS Opera in Antwerp has 2000+ reviews with a 9.2 score and great looking images. The chances of the place not living up to it’s score are very low.
☝️ Accommodations that are brand new will have less reviews, they will also offer cheaper prices because they’re just starting out and motivated to provide better service. It might be worth staying even if there are only 80+ reviews.
Brüngers Landaus is a new small family run hotel with little reviews but showed great potential and delivered.

Tip #3: Look for NEGATIVE reviews and comments that repeat

It’s always reassuring to hear positive things but to understand if an accommodation is right for you, you must look for the negative aspects that guests are repeatedly complaining about.

From our experience negative reviews that repeat themselves are always true and if it’s something you feel that might be an issue for you, it will 100% be if you stay there.

Scan the negative reviews well, especially for cleanliness, noise, and staff behaviour which are 3 main aspects of a high quality stays.
☝️ Use the review filter to search for keywords that matter to you when staying like “Noise” “Quiet” “Location” etc.
Here you can see 3 different review scores, one person loved the hotel, the other was ok with it and the last one hated it. 3 of the complain about the noise. You can be pretty sure that traffic noise will be an issue so if it’s a deal breaker for you, look further.
Score varies but complaints are consistant

Tip #4: Be flexible location wise

If you’re visiting a city consider staying a bit further away from the center and look for accommodations that are well connected to public transport. Also, since you’ll be paying less for the stay, you might indulge in calling a Taxi.

If you stay in the mainland and not Venice for example, you have new accomodations with large rooms that provide 10 min shuttles to Venice.
These accomodations cost a fraction of the price and provide more comfort. Yes, staying in Venice itself has it’s charm and it’s up to you to decide what is more important to you.
☝️ Places that are a bit further from the center are also quieter, the rooms are bigger and the accommodation itself could be brand new.

☝️ If you’re with a car, look for accommodations that are 15–30 minutes away especially in small towns and villages around the area.

Tip #5: Travelling with kids? Don’t add them to the search

Plenty of hotels will let your kids stay with you in the room for free or for the cost of an extra bed even if the room itself is not meant for more than 2 people.’s algorithm doesn’t take that into account which results in them offering you expensive suites or booking two seperate rooms.
An extra bed for 25 Euro a night is better than 100+ Euro extra for a bigger room
☝️ Scroll down to the “children and extra bed policy” to see how many people can actually stay in the room. This may save you a lot of money and will allow you to afford high quality accommodations.

Tip #6: Skip breakfast

Most accommodations in offer you to stay with or without breakfast. In many cases the difference can amount to $100+ depending on how long you stay.
Look around the hotel for Cafes and Restaurants that offer breakfast, in most cases you wont need to walk more than a few steps to get that coffee and croissant for a tenth of the price.

This hotel in Manhattan offers breakfasr at a $40 difference in the price while you can find bakeries and cafes on every corner.

Tip #7: The bathroom

This one might sound a bit silly but is true. Look for accommodations with a modern bathroom. This will show you when or if the accommodation has been renovated and if the owners invest in their guests.
If the bathroom looks like it’s from the 90’s, the rest of the hotel will as well.

This hotel in Prague has a review score of 8.6 and is $58 a night. The 8.6 comes mainly from the low price which in the center of Prague is really good, but you can guess how the hotel looks from the bathroom ;)

Let’s sum it up

There’s nothing better than coming back from a packed day of sightseeing and traveling to a nice clean and cosy accommodation. Following these 7 easy rules will help you find that perfect spot and make your travel experience enjoyable one.

Cheers from the Textomap Team

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