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Meet your AI Geographer, Historian, and Travel Advisor
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Meet your AI Geographer, Historian, and Travel Advisor

Textomap generates a map when asking for tourist attractions in London

Maps are crucial for understanding data and getting better context, and with the rise of AI technology it only makes sense for maps to take part in the revolution.

Before DALLE-E ,ChatGPT, and now Google BARD were around, we had a vision to make maps accessible and for people to finally start utilising them in their everyday life. We started building Textomap, relying on the technology and knowledge that was there.

The concept was simple: Maps are important in order to understand information and it should be easy to use like Google Translate: available in your browser ready to give you results in seconds!

We’ve been in public Beta for almost a year now with Textomap, with many user creating maps from text to plan their travels, to help them with their class work, or to get more information about what they’re reading currently.

Then ChatGPT came out, and it felt like it was built for us. AN amazing system that you can ask questions in any subject and get answers that can be implemented easily into Textomap.
Textomap AI answers a geography question and visualises it on a map
It took us less than a week and we had implemented the API into Textomap. Users could now ask questions about history, geography, and science. They can ask for travel recommendations and information and view the textual answer alongside an interactive maps which they could save and continue editing.

We’re super excited about this new feature and about the possibilities the AI blitz of 2023 will bring!
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