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We didn’t choose the niche, the niche chose us.

We didn’t choose the niche, the niche chose us.

We know Textomap is useful for many cases, but we were surprised at the level of enthusiasm from a specific niche: Education

We created Textomap from our own need: Stop wasting hours adding locations into different mapping tools every time we wanted to learn about places, visualize itineraries, or share travel stories.

We launched on Product Hunt on a Sunday and by the end of the following week, there were dozens of tweets, articles, YouTube videos, and even a Podcast, all from teachers and educators excited about Textomap.
Articles, tweets, newsletters, videos, and podcasts about Textomap

How and why this happened?

Education was definitely a sector we had in mind. We learned that teachers and educators are well connected with each other online, they have their resources and they invest time in sharing and indexing helpful products for teaching and improving curriculums.
We quickly found Textomap appearing on official government and educational institution websites and blogs. The power of educators as a community did the work for us, and we were thrilled to see their excitement about the possibilities Textomap provides.
Textomap indexed in the French Higher Institute of Catholic Education Training website

Did we reach validation or dare we say, Product-Market fit?

The most crucial task for any startup is achieving Product-Market fit. We see a specific audience in a specific field; sharing, posting and making tutorials about Textomap ( all organically) as a huge sign of a possible fit. It definitely gave us some validation that Textomap is a product that users find helpful.

Key takeaway

Finding communities that share resources they find useful is key for a product to succeed, and even better if they find you.

What’s next?

We’ll continue to reach out to educators and learn how we can improve Textomap to provide better learning experiences. We’ll also continue focusing on other niches in which Textomap can help and support.
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